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When the CIA hires Dutch and his platoon of commandos to rescue airmen from the mercy of Central American guerilla soldiers, the mission turns precarious as the commandos realize that they are being hunted… but by what?  As the commandos do their best to carry out their
mission, they must also avoid the fatal run-ins with "the predator."

The cast includes: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Elpidia Carrillo, and Shane Black.

Director John McTiernan's "Predator," is a rough and tumble action epic.









Promotional Line: "Nothing like it has ever been on earth before."

"It came for the thrill of the hunt. It picked the wrong man to hunt."




Hired by the CIA to rescue downed pilots from South American guerrillas, a special U.S. military team, led by Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefe (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent to South America on a rescue mission. After successfully accomplishing their mission, they discover as they return, that something is hunting them. What they find out is that a nearly invisible, virtually indestructible, alien warrior, that is the one killing team members one by one for sport, taking parts of the bodies, like trophies.

Director, John McTiernan, who handled action so well with "Die Hard" and "Hunt For Red October," picks the audience up and plunks them down in the jungle environment, which is "hot, steamy, and claustrophobic." With tight editing, and "in your face" cinematography, McTiernan makes you, the audience, feel you too are there, fighting for your life against the alien predator.

This screenplay, written by the team of Jim and John Thomas, makes a great traditional, rather violent action yarn. The Thomas brothers used a combination of a simple plot, with plenty of action, tension, a high level of excitement, elements of horror and gore, and a chilling atmosphere. What a great '80's manly man action yarn! This film has been described as the ultimate "male adolescent snapshot of tough-guy heaven."

Big Arnold is well cast as the cigar chomping military leader. His muscles get a work out in his battles against the jungle and the alien. One knows that blood and bullets will soon be coming when this manly man action hero moves into the action.

The supporting cast does a great job as well, being manly men. Carl Weathers, who plays Dillon, did an especially memorable job. Jesse 'The Body' Ventura rules as Blaine, "an outdoors type of guy, with guts for brains," is also worth mentioning.

Kevin Peter was convincing and perfectly cast as the alien that can cloak itself, so it is invisible to its prey. He is described as having "plenty of moxy, a strong, assertive stance, and perfect timing."

My favorite action scene was when Arnold and his entire group launch a full-blown assault and take out the entire rebel camp. Action, action, action, with great visuals and fast editing.

We also enjoyed Arnold / Alien climatic battle... there were several good ideas and tricks there.

Predator has some elements of horror, containing some gruesome scenes, and isn't for the squeamish.

Best quote: "If it bleeds, we can kill it!"

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