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pink panther


Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is back in action when his body is allegedly found murdered in the back of his car.  Taking advantage of his “invisible” status, Clouseau sets out to discover the motives and man behind the botched murder attempt.  Meanwhile, former arch villain, Charles Dreyfus, is released from the mental hospital under the pretense that Clouseau really is dead.  But how will he and the alleged villain feel once they discover Chief Clouseau is anything but dead and gone!

The cast includes: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Robert Webber, Dyan Cannon, Burt Kwouk, Robert Loggia, Paul Stewart, Andre Maranne, Graham Stark, and Ferdy Mayne.

Director Blake Edward's "Revenge of the Pink Panther" the fifth entry in the series, is one of the funniest.








Promotional Line...
"Montezuma got his revenge. Now it's the Pink Panther's turn!"




The story opens with a meeting between mobsters on a horse farm. One mobster states the feeling that Philippe Douvier (Robert Webber) must prove that he is in control by giving a sign to the others, before they will continue to do business. Philippe Douvier, known as the French connection for drugs, decides to kill Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau. A bomb delivery to Dr. Auguste Balls disguise shop doesn't do the trick. After Jacques Clouseau unintentionally, unknowingly knocks the hit man off the balcony who was inturn stalking him, in a hilarious sequence where Clouseau was hunting Cato, as is their custom, an elaborate ambush is planned. However, the bad guys only wind up ambushing and killing a transvestite that had held up Jacques Clouseau, stole his clothes, and his car.

Who wants to kill him? With the world believing him dead, Clouseau "goes under the covers," and pursues a bumbling murder investigation, with the help of his friends, resulting in hilarious situations, occurring along the way.

Herbert Lom is excellent as usual as Sellers' nemesis. His Chief Inspector Dreyfus, Sellers' boss, is a classic example of frustrated fury. He is the only one who sees Clouseau, as he truly is; an incredibly lucky, bumbling, accident prone fool. At the beginning of this film, Chief inspector Dreyfus is found in a mental hospital. When Clouseau is reported dead, Dreyfus feels much better, and is said to be cured, and even gives the liturgy at Clouseau's funeral, trying hard not to laugh. People think he trying not to cry. Herbert Lom is most entertaining!

There are many wonderful "Lom" scenes. Jacques Clouseau, dressed in the transvestite's clothes is picked up by the police, who then check him into the same mental hospital as his old boss, Inspector Dreyfuss, who is preparing to leave the hospital , thinking Clouseau is finally behind him , now that he is dead. Clouseau escapes and hides in Dreyfuss's closet.. Lom's reaction is priceless.

Many of Sellers most popular films were entries in the comedic "Pink Panther" series, though Peter showed great acting ability in drama as well, particularly in the film, "Being There." This Pink Panther film is considered by this reviewer as being his best comedic effort, due to not only Seller's comedic performance and timing, but also to the terrific direction by Blake Edwards, a great script, and a talented cast.

The script, by Ron Clark, Blake Edwards, and Frank Waldman is a great mixture of comedy, adventure, and story plot, that moves at a perfect pace.

Peter Sellers is at his best in all areas. Sellers, a gifted impersonator, excels in elaborate disguises. Sellers' impersonation of Toulouse-Lautrec is particularly funny, providing one of my favorite scenes in the film. Another hilarious bit is when he dresses up in a creative costume, depicting the godfather, complete with cotton in the mouth. Funny physical gags surround the disguises.

Dyane Cannon added a lot to the film, and the combination of Sellers and Cannon carried the film nicely. She plays the mistress/ secretary of businessman/drug runner, Philippe Douvier, who is dumped because Douvier's wife found out about her. Cannon winds up helping the inspector to solve this case, when he inadvertently saves her from the thugs sent to kill her, because she knew too much. Her straight as an arrow performance made a great contrast to the comedic role of Sellers and his sidekick, Cato, adding much to the chemistry and telemetry of the film.

Veteran character actors, Robert Webber and Robert Loggia, offer strong support, as the ruthless villains. Loggia received much praise for his roles in such films as "Big" and "The Jagged Edge."