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Sherman Klump is your typical good guy: charming, witty, comical, good-hearted, and, of course, obese. Currently on the verge of a scientific breakthrough with a recent DNA reconstruction project, Professor Klump's life is forever changed when the new and beautiful addition to his University faculty, Carla, concedes to Klump that she is one of his biggest fans. Completely enamored, Klump decides to test his project on himself in hopes that he can be transformed into a thinner, more viable candidate for Carla. But the results produce anything but the same good lovin' Klump; instead, in Klump's wake is the vivaciously over-the-top, lecherous Buddy Love whose Rico Suave moves complicate things more than just a little in this modern-day "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" romantic comedy.

Director Tom Shadyac's THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is a fun, funny, film fantasy.

The cast includes: Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett, James Coburn, Dave Chappelle, Larry Miller, and John Ales.






"Professor Klump wanting to be loved for someone he is not"




The basic story involves a REALLY fat, but happy, good hearted college professor. When he takes part in a DNA experiment, he becomes the slender, obnoxious Buddy Love, who is popular with girls.

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is based on the popular 1963 movie, starring and co-written by Jerry Lewis (with Bill Richmond). The new film's screenplay is by David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein, and Steve Oedekerk.

Eddie Murphy fans will be delighted to see him back in fine comedic form. Those who have kept the faith, in recent years, will feel amply rewarded.

Thanks to Rick Baker, Murphy is quite convincing as the VERY fat professor. In addition, thanks to Baker's makeup magic, Murphy convincingly plays various members of the professor's family.

Murphy looks great, and quite convincing, as the fat prof. It's a bit of a shock when Murphy transforms into his "normal" thin self. Several scenes where Murphy plays virtually all the members of his family are well done, thanks to great makeup, Murphy's acting skill, and movie magic.

Jada Pinkett offers great support as Murphy's love interest. She comes across attractive, bright, and very likable.

My favorite scene involves Murphy as the thin and sexy Buddy Love. When he humorously, and profanely, rags on a stand up comic who put down his fat self, it's a return to the Eddie Murphy who wowed audiences live and on tape.

The original plans were for Jerry Lewis to play some role in this remake of his 1963 original film. Lewis was apparently too busy appearing in "Damn Yankees" on Broadway to take part in the remake, but he did receive an Executive Producer credit.

Larry Miller is good as the head of Murphy's science department. A veteran stand up comic, Miller has been a guest on numerous TV shows including "Seinfeld."

Rated PG-13 for crude humor and sexual references. Has occasional, unnecessary bathroom humor.

If you enjoyed THE NUTTY PROFESSOR you may like THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1963), THE NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS, (if you don't mind over the top, sick bathroom humor), TRADING PLACES, BEVERLY HILLS COP, 48 HOURS, and BEVERLY HILLS COP 2.