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10 (1979)- R

George Webber is suffering a mid-life and career crisis. Consequently, the failing Hollywood songwriter heads to Manzanillo, Mexico to clear his head and reflect on life. While there, he stumbles upon the beautiful Jenny, who just coincidentally happens to be the newlywed, honeymooning daughter of his dentist. Jenny tries to repay Webber for a recent favor, but her method of payment has George thinking he may have stumbled upon the perfect way to fix his recent bout of blues.

The cast includes: Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, Bo Derek, Robert Webber, Dee Wallace Stone, Sam J. Jones, Brian Dennehy, Max Showalter, Rad Daly, Nedra Volz, James Noble, and Don Calfa.

Directed and screenplay written by Blake Edwards.

Received two Oscar nominations for Henry Mancini's music.













Promotional Line:

A temptingly tasteful comedy for adults who can count...




SYNOPSIS: Song composer George Webber, suffering from a midlife crisis, a fight with both his girl friend & business partner, becomes obsessed with a beautiful young woman, Jenny, who he sees by chance in a mercedes, on her way to her marriage ceremony. He jumps from this frying pan of troubles he has in Malibu, into a bigger fire when he follows the young newly weds to an Acapulco beach resort. After he winds up rescuing her husband, he gets the full attention of the beautiful Jenny. George learns from personal experience that one has to be careful for what you wish for, because you may just get it. And when you are offered it, it isn't what you want after all.

Review: Academy award winner, song composer George Webber, has turned 42, and doesn't like it, and confesses to his girl friend, Samantha Taylor (Julie Andrews), an accomplished singer / actress, that he feels betrayed. This begins a self-centered journey of self-discovery and self- awareness, as he enters the murky waters of male mid-life crisis which disrupts his relationships with both his long-time friend and love of his life, Samantha (Sam) Taylor (Julie Andrews), and his gay, song-writing partner, Hugh (Robert Webber), who has troubles of his own, concerning his own personal relationships.

George yearns for his younger years, not happy with what he has and what he has accomplished. He finds himself secretly rating young women he sees at a distance, on a scale of 1 to 10, and peeks through a telescope at his neighbor's wild, 24 hour sex parties, just down the hill from his house in the Malibu hills. Both of these habits of George's land him into trouble. Samantha Taylor, a strong-willed woman, who directly faces problems, confronts George one evening concerning his lack of attention paid to her, his use of the word, "Broad" in referring to the women his neighbor (Don Calfa) down the hill entertains, and the fact that George peeks at them at all. After a heated discussion, Sam leaves in a huff.

The next morning, George, after falling down the hill, when he hits himself in the face with the telescope, ( a great slapstick moment) he just misses the return phone call from Sam, whom he had tried to call a moment before while she was on the stage rehearsing for a play. In a foul mood, George goes to Hugh's place to try to work on a new song. They wind up fighting, and George leaves.

On his way home, he spies a girl of his dreams, rated by him as an 11, who was a bride on her way to be married. George, mesmerized, follows them to the church, and winds up ramming his convertible smack into the front of a police car. George has three tickets as a result. Undaunted, he sneaks into the church, and watches the ceremony of the marriage of Jenny and David (Sam J. Jones) until George is stung by a bee from the flowers, causing a commotion in the back of the church.

A few days later, after some more mishaps with his girlfriend, he seeks out the Reverend of the church, (Max Showalter), endures an impromptu concert of the Pastor's corny love song, and Mrs.Kissel's (Nedra Volz) powerful ability to pass gas. It was all worth it, because George finds out that the full name of his dream 11, Jenny Miles Hanley (Bo Derek) and her father, Dr.Miles(James Nobel) a Beverly Hills dentist. George, who hasn't been to a dentist for several years, went to see Dr. Miles, and winds up having 6 cavities filled, but now knows where the young couple is honeymooning, at the Las Hadas Hotel in Mexico.

With his mouth full of cotton, he stumbles home, armed with pain killers, which he takes with booze. Guess who calls him on the phone at this moment? As he is unintelligible on the phone, Sam calls the police, who catch him looking through his telescope. After a humorous interchange, George writes on a piece of paper who he was and why he was acting so strangely so the police understood. The police haul him gently inside, admonishing him of the dangers of taking painkillers with booze.

Unfortunately, when the police leave, George doesn't stay there. George in this funky state, gives in to temptation and makes a house call to his neighbor down the hill. George soon finds himself undressed, surrounded by young, pretty women, which proves to be disastrous to his troubled relationship with Samantha, when she sees him through his own telescope. After this disastrous event, and Sam won't take George's phone calls, George decides to take a vacation. He flies down to Mexico, in a smashed state, and checks into the same resort that Jenny and David are staying at, Las Hadas Hotel.

After he sleeps off his intoxicated state, he goes down to the beach, and sits near the newly married David and Jenny Hanley. A new melody is forming in his mind, inspired by Jenny. As the guests sit on the beach, George notices that David rents a surf board, and falls asleep, as the board slowly floats away from shore. George courageously rescues David, earns the gratitude of the young, beautiful Jenny, but is shaken back to reality when he really has the chance to spend some time with her. He realizes what he had at home was more valuable than what he thought he wanted. How can he repair things with the true love of his life?

Blake Edwards wrote and directed this humorous, yet poignant comedic screenplay, that is a classic because of it's witty dialogue, wonderful mix of slapstick and cerebral humor, wonderful cast, squirmy moments and an entertaining storyline, that explores male mid-life crisis, and the trouble one man finds himself when he acts upon his fantasies. 10, S.O.B; and Victor/Victoria were considered his best efforts.

Dudley Moore's brilliant portrayal as George Webber, a man suffering a mid-life crisis, made him a star. His comedic talent shines forth, not only in slapstick moments, but in line deliveries, comic timing, and his portrayal of a man with one too many drinks in his system. He also plays the piano and sings as well, and is convincing during the poignant moments of the story, when truths hit home.

Julie Andrews does a convincing job as Webber's strong-willed, stage actress girl friend, Samantha Taylor, who is a little annoying, but changes her attitude by the end of the story.

Bo Derek - was perfectly cast as the lovely young woman, Jenny, who George Webber has a huge crush on, until she opens her mouth and reveals her true character.

Max Showalter - A colorful character actor who did a marvelous job portraying the Reverend, a wanna-be, amateur song writer, who enthusiastically sings his corn-ball piano composition for George (Dudly Moore), who has a hard time keeping a straight face. Showalter and Moore had a great time shooting this scene. Max Showalter in real life was a a composer, a songwriter and pianist.

Brian Dennehy (Don, the bar tender), Robert Webber (Hugh, George's insightful, gay songwriting partner) and Dee Wallace-Stone (Mary Lewis) all offer fine supporting character performances.

10 is rated R, and is definitely for the over 17 crowd, being a comedy for adults, dealing with adult issues, in a humorous, poignant way. The film is tastefully done, compared to films done presently, but the language is rather salty, with both four letter and potty words, and there are sex scenes that aren't appropriate for the younger generation.