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Silverado (1985) - PG13

In the year of 1880, four men’s perilous journey to the city of Silverado presents them with a slew of obstacles that only precede their final confrontation with the criminals terrorizing the citizens of the once peaceful city.

This Western cast includes: Danny Glover, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Kevin Kline, Jeff Goldblum, Linda Hunt, Marvin McIntyre, Brian Dennehy, Sheb Wooley, John Cleese, Jon Kasdan, and Rosanna Arquette.

Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan.














Genre: Western, Action, Comedy.

Tagline: It's a Wild West bonanza about the bonds of friendship, love, and maybe a little lust.

Rated: PG13 for violent thematic content and language.





A lonely man's trek across the desert brings him to the path of the doomed Paton (Kevin Kline) who lie cold and starving in the middle of the western nowhere. Together Paton and the sharp shooting Emmett (Scott Glenn) head to the nearest town whereby Emmett hopes to spring his rowdy younger borther Jake (Kevin Costner) from jail. Although Paton desists in helping, he soon finds himself sharing Jake’s cell and the two are sprung free by the loyal Emmett and the trio is chased out of town. Heading toward Silverado the outcasts are saved by impending firearm thanks to a fellow outcast, Malachi Johnson (Danny Glover).

Now a quartet, the four ride on towards Silverado where Emmett and Jake hope to say goodbye to their sister and her family before heading out to California. Along the way the foursome helps a fellow gang of pioneers by retrieving their money from a group of bandits and helping their wagons cross rough terrain. After their hospitable duties end, Mal diverts from the group and goes in search of his mother and father's settlement.

But as Mal pulls up to his old home he learns desperate times have left his family’s property in shambles. Along his journey his mother, a long while very ill, passes away leaving her aging husband to fend off McKendrick and his villainous gang from their homestead. Mal learns that his sister Ray also left home in search of life in the town Silverado. Another run-in with the bandits results in Mal’s father's death, and Mal heads to Silverado to save his sister from harm.

Meanwhile, back in Silverado, Paton has taken up work with former gang member turned sheriff of Silverado, Cobb (Brain Dennehy). Working under the strong-willed Stella (Linda Hunt), Paton unwillingly hesitates as he watches Cobb and his nefarious ally McKendrick reek havoc on the town. Meanwhile the 'slick' Calvin Stanhope (Jeff Goldblum) enters the picture, playing both sides to his advantage and using Mal’s sister for his nightly entertainment.

Planning a trap to ensnare Emmett and Jake and kill the two to avenge his father's death, McKendrick and his men kidnap Jake and lure a trap to bring Emmett and his friends to death. But loyal intervention from Rae, words of wisdom from Stella, and a sudden change of heart from Paton prove helpful in helping Mal rescue Emmett and Jake. In a long awaited climatic standoff, the quartet, once again fully reunited, head back to Silverado to face off McKendrick, Cobb, Stanhope, and the rest of the villains so as to finally bring peace and justice back to the quiet town of Silverado. Needless to say many gunshots and deaths ensue. As to who is left standing…you’ll just have to watch to find out.

SILVERADO is a modern day western that, like its predecessors, brings an alluring intrigue to the ways of the West. A solid cast helps keep the film rolling even when its plot wanes from time to time. As a quasi-western epic, the film's lengthy storyline often relies on witty dialogue to communicate the historical content that sparks the motives for many of the main characters. Nevertheless the raucous and wildly entertaining performance from Kevin Costner brings much needed comic relief to the film. Scott Glenn does a solid job at playing the sidekick, as does Danny Glover in his depiction of the justice seeking family man. Kevin Kline's performance as the conflicted 'good guy' is also done remarkably well.

All in all some of the best scenes involve the classic western showdowns and of course, the rowdy saloon scenes. Many shots, of liquor and gunfire, help to make this film a delightfully entertaining film.

Main Characters:

Kevin Kline plays Paton, the former bad boy whose attempt to be noble proves worthless 'til the very end.

Scott Glenn plays Emmett, Jake's older, protective, dangerously tough as nails brother.

Kevin Costner plays Jake, the wild, rambunctious, and cocky though loveable younger brother to Emmett.

Danny Glover plays Mal, the lone ranger seeking to avenge the injustice wrought on his family.

Brian Dennehy plays Cobb, the villainous sheriff seeking power via a badge of honor.

Linda Hunt plays Stella, the logical and courageous bar owner and friend to Paton.

Jeff Goldblum plays Calvin Stanhope, the 'slick' gambling man whose loyalties are as slippery as his card hand.