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When two Supreme Court Justices are assassinated, a major investigation causes a national stir. Meanwhile, a law student discovers the truth behind the murders, and an eager journalist wants the story. As the two undertake their professional banter, things turn deadly when certain people suspect the law student knows more than she should.

The cast includes: Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, John Heard, Tony Goldwyn, William Atherton, Robert Culp, and John Lithgow.

The film is based on John Grisham's novel and Alan J. Pakula wrote the screenplay.

Alan J. Pakula's other directing credits include "All the Presidents Men" and "Sophie's Choice."










Promotional Line: "Courage now, truth always...."





Pelican Brief is suspenceful thiller not unlike two other movies adapted from John Grisham books. It stars Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington, and has many notable supporting actors. John Heard's preformance as fletcher Coal is reminsant of his role in Ghost. The guy has a knack for playing stressed out and evil men. Stanly Tucci does a wonderful job as terrorist and hired assasain Khamel.

Gray Granthams- white house leak??!!

Two Supreme Court Justices are assainated one night in Washington D.C. and nobody seems to know who is responsible. In New Orleans, Law Professor Thomas Callahan, whose mentor was one of the killed justices begins drinking again. His girlfriend and student, Darby shaw becomes engrossed in trying to figure out who may have wanted the two justices dead, for the two rarely agreed on anything and were of opposing opinions. After days of research, she finds out what the two judges had in common and writes a brief about who would have wanted the two dead. It turns out that the two judges had one thing in common and that was their belief in the importance of protecting the environment. When Prof. Callahan goes up to Washington for the funeral of one of the justices he gives the brief to his old friend Gavin Vereek, who is Special Counsel to the FBI. The brief is circullated all through the government until it falls int thehands of sneaky White House Chief of Staff, Fletcher Coal. He realizes that this brief, IF it is true implicates the White House, and decides that this brief and its author must dissappear. of the justices.

Chaos and fear become Darby's life after her car blows up with Prof. Callahan. She goes to Vereek for help but when he too ends up dead, she tracks down Washington Post investigative reporter Gray Grantham and tells him her story. He then convinces her to help him prove that it is true, and the two begin work towards exposing a conspiracy before it kills them.

Great Quotes Sweater quote ---

Great scenes- When Gray Grantham meets with his editor at 'george and martha's place' and he pulls some evasive action because he thinks that he is being followed.

One of the many times that Darby is chased by killers- when she runsdown a crowded street , and gets some tough biker guys to beat up the killer who is chasing her. When denzel and julia sneak in to visit the college student.


Julia Roberts - Darby Shaw (Erin Brockvich, Ocean's Eleven, Pretty Woman)

Denzel Washington - Gray Grantham, Washington Herald reporter (Training Day, Much Ado About Nothing)

Sam Shepard - Prof. Thomas Callahan (Baby Boom, Black Hawk Down, Steel Magnolias)

John Heard - Gavin Vereek , FBI Special Counsel (Home Alone)

Tony Goldwyn - white house chief of staff, fletcher coal (Ghost)

William Atherton - Bob Gminski (Ghostbusters)

James Sikking - FBI director Denton Voyles (Outland, Star Trek III)

Robert Culp - President (I Spy television series)

Stanley Tucci - Khamel

John Lithgow - editor, Washington Herald, Smith Keen

Hume Cronyn - Supreme Court Justice Rosenberg (Cocoon)