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date-movies THE AFRICAN QUEEN Two of the greatest actors together for a romantic adventure.

AMERICAN DREAMER JoBeth Williams finds romance in Paris with a classic Romantic Comedy.

movie ANNIE HALL Romance in the 70's. Not too silly, not too serious... Woody's biggest hit.
THE AWFUL TRUTH A fun 1930's look at romance, love, dating, and marriage. One of the best screwball comedies with fine performances.
BEFORE SUNRISE An American traveling on a train, in Europe, meets a girl. They have just one night and you are there for a touching romantic story.
BELLE EPOQUE A film from Spain, where a young man romances four sisters. This film features a young Penelope Cruz.
CHARADE Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn in a suspense, spy, romantic thriller with twists and turns.
DIRTY DANCING Music, dancing, romance, and a huge box office hit, thanks to teenage girls.
EMMA Well done period piece based on the classic novel, which was also the basis for the 1995 hit "Clueless".
romantic-movies ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND A unique love story with Jim Carrey , Kate Winslet, and Kirsten Dunst.
EVER AFTER An interesting live action Cinderella tale that is done just right for today's audiences.

GHOST The romantic suspense/thriller that made Whoopi and Demi household names.

romantic-movies THE GOODBYE GIRL Screenwriter Neil Simon at his best when two unlikely individuals meet and fall in love.
movies GROUNDHOG DAY Cleaver, clever script and one of Bill Murray's best films.
movie-romance HEAVEN CAN WAIT Our favorite Beatty film.
movie-romance IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT A huge success that also won many oscars. Memorable performances from Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.
romantic-romance JERRY MAGUIRE A comedy drama that has a great romance. Great performances from Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cuba Gooding Jr.
romantic-date-movie MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING A Shakespeare story that everyone can enjoy.
great-romance-movie MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING The big Romantic Comedy hit from 2002.
date-movies MY MAN GODFREY The best regarded "screwball" comedy with the top actors: William Powell and Carole Lombard.
romantic-movie PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED A married woman travels back to high school to break up with her high school boyfriend.
movie-romance PERSUASION A romantic story based on Jane Austin's novel.
date-movies PLAY IT AGAIN SAM Woody gets romantic advice from Casablanca's Bogie.
great-romances-date PRETTY WOMAN Cinderella as a young Hollywood hooker. A huge box office hit that made Julia Roberts a super star.
pride PRIDE AND PREJUDICE The 2005 production of “Pride and Prejudice” is a historic adaptation of the classic sweeping romance, Jane Austen’s equally titled novel, “Pride and Prejudice” with Keira Knightley.
date-movies SLIDING DOORS A wonderful "what if" romantic tale with Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah.
romance-movies REBECCA (Romantic Thriller) A classic from Alfred Hitchcock and David O. Selznick with Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontain. Won the Best Picture Oscar.
great-romances-date-movie ROMANCING THE STONE A cleaver idea, a outstanding script, great characters, and great chemistry between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
romances-romantic-date-movies ROXANNE A early Steve Martin romantic classic.
date-romantic-films SENSE AND SENSIBILITY A romantic period piece set in England with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.
romance-movies SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE Big oscar period piece winner with a great performance by Gwyneth Paltrow.
romantic-movies SIDEWAYS Dating, marriage, and relationships, and wine tasting.
movies SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE Even though they don't meet until the end of the film, we know that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are perfect for each other.
romantic-movies SOME LIKE IT HOT A must for all Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon fans.
date-movies STARTING OVER A subtle romantic comedy that happens to a great Burt Reynolds film.
romantics TOM JONES A bawdy, adult, period comedy with many wonderful performances and a best picture oscar.
date-movies TOOTSIE Unique, fun comedy with one of Hoffman's best performances and a strong supporting cast.
movie-romances-romantic 20 DATES A comedy of errors documentary about a filmmaker trying to find the right girl.
romantic-date-movies UNDERCOVER BLUES A entertaining comedy with a man and wife spy team traveling with their small baby.
date-movies UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN A newly divorced woman moves to Italy to start her new life.
movie-romances-date-movie THE WAY WE WERE Babs at her sentimential best with Robert Redford.
great-romances THE WEDDING SINGER A must for Drew Barrymore fans.
romances WHEN HARRY MET SALLY This is the movie about romance/dating in the 1980's. It made Meg Ryan a star.
romantic-movies WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING A must for Sandra Bullock fans.
romances-date-movies WORKING GIRL Melanie finds romance in the work place.
romances-date-movies YOU'VE GOT MAIL Hanks and Meg Ryan meet again over the internet.


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