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Ricardo Montalban and Madelyn Rhue.


The Enterprise encounters a "sleeper" ship from Earth of the early 21st century, with hibernating supermen aboard lead by the evil Khan.


This episode features the best guest star appearance of any episode. Ricardo Montalban ("Fantasy Island") is unforgettable as Khan. His ship was used as the robot freighter and blown up in "The Ultimate Computer" episode. Madelyn Rhue is warm and sympathic as Khan's girlfriend. This is one of the great classic Trek episodes, and it was the basis for "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan".


The Enterprise encounters a very old ship in space. Going aboard, they find the crew is in hibernation, and has been for centuries.

The ship's crew is revived and brought back to the Enterprise. One of the "supermen", Khan, romances a female crewmember and plots to take over the Enterprise.

Kirk battles Khan, in hand to hand combat, beating him. Khan, the other "supermen", and the female crew member, are dropped off on a desolate planet.


Director Marc Daniels,' "SPACE SEED," is one of the better Classic "Trek" episodes. Daniels is also responsible for the classic "Trek" episodes: "The Naked Time", "Mirror, Mirror", "Spock's Brain" among many others.

The Enterprise encounters an old ship in space. Beaming aboard, they find a crew in suspended animation.

The crew turns out to be a group of genetically engineered "supermen," (and women). One of the group, Khan, attempts to take over the Enterprise.

Ricardo Montalban gives a powerful performance as Khan Noonian Singh. He brings energy and vitality to his characterization of a "superman" from the past. Montalban went on to great fame, on "Fantasy Island".

The model of Kahn's "sleeper ship" is a good one. It somewhat resembles a submarine, and seems credible as a spaceship launched, in the 1990's.

The Teleplay for this episode, by Gene L. Coon, Carey Wilbur; (Story by Carey Wilbur), is quite imaginative. The feature film, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" followed up on the "Space Seed" Story. Montalban once again played Khan, to great effect.

It's funny how the "real" present can catch up to the "fictional" past. The Eugenics War, of the 1990's, referred to as a "past" event in the episode, now seems unlikely.

"SPACE SEED" should be highly watchable for most Sci-Fi viewers. Ricardo Montalban/"Fantasy Island" fans will dig this episode.

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