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STAR TREK, The Original TV Series


Sean Kenney (and cast from THE CAGE)


Mr. Spock hijacks the Enterprise, and kidnaps his former captain, his destination... a forbidden planet.


This important episode features a fascinating performance by Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock defending his hijacking of the Enterprise. The only two part episode in the Classic "Trek" series, it cleverly incorporates much footage from the first pilot, "The Cage". Viewers get a good opportunity to compare and contrast early and later interpretations of Mr. Spock's bangs, eyebrows, and personality.


Former Enterprise captain Christopher Pike, now an invalid confined to a hi tech wheelchair, is kidnapped by Mr. Spock from Starbase 6. The Vulcan takes over the Enterprise, diverting its course to Talos IV, a planet it is forbidden to visit, under penalty of death.

On the way to Talos IV, a Federation board of inquiry, convened aboard the Enterprise and headed by Commodore Jose Mendez, listens to Spock's explanation of the kidnapping and hijacking. Spock's speech is aided by old tapes of the Enterprise's previous journey to the planet, under Captain Pike's command.

Captain Pike chooses to stay behind on Talos IV, with the illusion of health and youth provided by the planet's aliens. The Enterprise warps out of orbit.


Director Marc Daniels,' THE MENAGERIE, is an excellent Sci-Fi head trip. Daniel's other directing credits include: "Who Mourns for Adonais?", and numerous other classic Trek episodes.

"Star Trek" production legend claims that Creator/Producer, Gene Roddenberry, was dropping behind in meeting his quota of episodes for the first season. He supposedly dreamed up the idea of a two part episode, incorporating generous amounts of footage from the original "Star Trek" pilot, "The Cage," as a way of saving time and meeting his production schedule. Apparently, necessity is the mother of great Classic "Trek" episodes.

Fans of Mr. Spock will notice a difference in the look and manner of the Vulcan officer, between "The Cage" scenes and the newer footage. The earlier Spock had coarser bangs, bushier eyebrows, and a tendency to yell. Obviously the look and style of the famous Vulcan had been fine tuned in the intervening time.

Alert viewers will also notice differences in the "Trek" weapons, between "The Cage" and the subsequent series. The earlier weapons are called "lasers" and look like the "blasters" of traditional Sci-Fi, as opposed to the uniquely designed "phasers" we have come to know and love.

Malachi Throne ("Lost in Space" and "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea") is quite good, as Commodore Mendez, a Federation official taking part in Spock's court proceeding aboard the Enterprise. Throne is best known for the role of Robert Wagner's government boss, in the popular 60's TV series, "It Takes a Thief".

THE MENAGERIE should be highly watchable for most Sci-Fi viewers and especially those fans interested in the way "Trek" changed.

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